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A little chit-chat

It's been a while since I posted anything so  I thought I'd write an article on the pros and cons of chatty interfaces... When you're hosting a sleep-over for the kids and struggling to get them all to sleep you'll no doubt hear that plaintiff cry "I'm thirsty!", usually following in quick succession by 20 other "Me too!"'s... What you don't do is walk down the stairs, fetch a glass from the cupboard, fill it with milk from the fridge and take it back upstairs... then repeat 20 more times - you may achieve your steps-goal for the day but it'll take far too long. Instead you collect all the orders, go downstairs once, fill 21 glasses and take them all back upstairs on a tray (or more likely just give them the bottle and let them fight it out). And so it is with a client-server interface. If you've a collection of objects on a client (say customer records) and you wanted to get some more info on each one (such as the address) you

ForgeRock License Confusion

IANAL which doesn't help me understand the ForgeRock license situation which looks to be as clear as mud. ForgeRock states that you need to buy a "subscription" for production. Blogs like this suggest I'm not the only one to be confused. Wikipedias page on ForgeRock suggests it's only the binaries you need a license for (if you compile yourself then is this ok?). And the OpenAM project site suggests two licenses apply. Though one of these (the first one) states "This License represents the complete agreement concerning subject matter hereof" so how can they then go on to apply another "non-commerical" Creative Commons license constraint? Joy! :(