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The Irresponsible Architect

I was once told that we; as architects, should always do "the right thing"! What is " right" is of course debatable and since you can take many different viewpoints - financial (the cheapest), time (the quickest), security (the most secure), etc. - you can often have the argument with yourself quite successfully without  worrying about other peoples opinions. But as architects it is often up to us to weigh the balance of concerns and seek a compromise which provides a reasonable solution from all viewpoints. Harder than it sounds, but that is what I choose to interpret as "the right thing". There may still be many competing solution options which appear viable but some of those are false. Demons placed in front of you to tempt you into taking that first - and fatal - bite of the apple... The reason? Incorrectly ascribed responsibilities. It is often easy to say "I need to do a lookup here" or "I need to parse this bit of data there" an