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Fnd Collaboration Demonstration using Fnd for collaborative modelling between two browsers - in this case Safari and Firefox. Fnd works best with Chrome and Firefox, mostly with Opera and Safari (as you can see here) but not with IE... Hey, it's alpha and I have little time to deal with the mindless irritations of IE..! Try Fnd here...

Lost and Fnd

I could spend the next two years tweaking things as much as I have the past two but it's time to get some feedback on this so here we go... Software modelling tools are expensive, bad at collaboration and more complicated than the vast majority of solutions demand. They set their sights on an unachievable utopia, demand constant maintenance to avoid being constantly out of date and dictate that we all follow overly prescriptive rules which may be philosophically correct but are practically irrelevant. Diagramming tools are cheaper, better at collaboration and simpler but are all too fluid, lack structure and meaning and are far too open to interpretation. The best such tool I use is a whiteboard, a pen and room - a shame that such are so transient and unstructured. A middle way is needed. To this end I introduce Fnd (alpha). Fnd lets you build catalogs, diagrams and matrices for solutions in a collaborative manner. For now you can only sign-in with Google and when you do you'll

Capabilities and Responsibilities

According to TFD , " capabilities " are: The quality of being capable; ability. A talent or ability that has potential for development or use: a  student of great capabilities. The capacity to be used, treated, or developed for a specific purpose: nuclear  capability. Whereas " responsibilities " are: The state, quality, or fact of being responsible. Something for which one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden. The words "developed for a specific purpose" indicate; at least to some extent, a degree of responsibility. All too often whether we are responsible for some function or ability is forgotten in the enthusiasm to build it. Blinded by the simple fact that we have the ability  or potential we charge ahead regardless of whether it's really our responsibility. It's not necessarily wrong - if no-one else takes responsibility or you want to compete in some capability then so be it - but in