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macOS Minutes

Ah yes, Microsoft minutes... oh no, hang on...!!! 19,498 yrs later...


The title of this post is encrypted. This page is also encrypted (via TLS (aka the new name for SSL)). Anyone sniffing traffic on the wire must first decrypt the TLS traffic and then decrypt the content to work out what the message says. But why bother with two layers of encryption? Ok, so forgive the fact that this page is publicly accessible and TLS is decrypted before your eyes. It's possibly a poor example and in any case I'd like to talk about the server side of this traffic. In many organisations, TLS is considered sufficient to provide security for data in-transit. The problem is TLS typically terminates on a load-balancer or on a web-server and is forwarded from there to another downstream server. Once this initial decryption takes place data often flows over the internal network of organisations in plain text. Many organisations consider this to be fine practice since the internal network is locked down with firewalls and intrusion detection devices etc. Some organisat

Channel 4 in France

Slight obsession some would say, but I enjoy F1... not that much that I'm prepared to pay Sky whatever extortionate fee they're come up with today though so I tend to watch the highlights only on C4 . Nice coverage btw guys - shame to lose you next year. Anyway, I have a VPN ( OpenVPN ) running off a  Synology DiskStation to allow me to tunnel through home when I'm abroad. Works a treat... normally. Channel 4 does not. Initially I thought it was DNS leakage picking up that name resolution is from french servers. You can see this by visiting and running the "standard test". Even though I'm reported as being in the UK, all my DNS servers are in France... Humm, I smell a fish...   Am I in the UK or France? To work around this I setup a proxy server on the DiskStation and the same test now reports UK DNS servers as everything goes through the proxy. Definitely looks like I'm in the UK... But still no luck on C4... Finally, I set the timez