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Microsoft Predicts 2016

Microsofts predictions for 2016 . Worth a read. Lots about machine learning, big-data and encryption. All very optimistic including one guy (Lucas Joppa) who expects the human race to wake up to technology being the saviour to our impending doom. Unfortunately I fear the human race is all too desperate for a saviour - real or imagined - and that desperation can lead to a belief in false gods little better than the devil we know today. But still, there's a huge amount that can be done to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of technology in general and so vast room for improvement. Lets hope Mr Joppa is right... ... oh, and yes, environmental impact is a non-functional characteristic.

Women in IT

If you ever wondered why there aren't enough women working in IT, the problem appears to stem from earlier in life. The data below from ONS shows the greatest discrepancy between men and women is in Engineering & Technology and Computer Science (this from 2010 so could probably do with an update!). And whilst it isn't mandatory to have an academic background in IT I personally prefer it when I'm scanning CVs. Let's remember that Ada Lovelace is generally regarded as the first computer programmer and was - shock! - a WOMAN!!! So, a few links to help get your daughters into IT: BCS Women in IT Girls in Tech UK Girls in Tech National Center for Women & IT MIT Womens Technology Program Girls in Technology Tech Needs Girls

Letsencrypt on Openshift

If you really wanted to know you'd have found it but for what it's worth, this site now runs on Redhats OpenShift platform . For a while I've been thinking I should get an SSL cert for the site. Not because of any security concern but because Google and the like rank sites higher up if they are https and; well, this is and security is a kind of 'thing' if you know what I mean. But certs cost £'s (or $'s or €'s or whatever's). Not real pricey, but still I can think of other things to spend £50 on. But hello!, along comes . A service allowing you to create SSL certs for free! Now in public beta. Whoo hooo! It isn't particularly pretty at the moment and certs only last 90 days but it seems to work ok. For Openshifts Wordpress gear you can't really do much customization (and probably don't want to) so installing letsencrypt on that looks messier than I'd like. Fortunately you can create a cert o