Welcome to nonfunctionalarchitect.com.

This is a blog dedicated to all things relating to non-functional requirements (NFRs) and IT.

So what are non-functionals?

Most of the time we think of IT systems in functional terms - essentially the what it does for us. But this doesn't cover some of the most critical aspects of IT systems such as:

  • Form - As an architect I like diagrams. Unfortunately I can't draw for toffee. Thankfully we have designers to fill this gap in my skills. But beyond the dark realm of sexy website design comes accessibility, cross-browser support and the dreaded and fluffy world of usability...

  • Operability - Covering backup & recovery, monitoring, failover etc. How is the system to be maintained and supported? What are the core SLA's we need to support? Configuration management... and so on.

  • Performance & Capacity - How fast does it need to be? How scalable? How many users? How much data? etc.

  • Security - Always in the press; usually for the wrong reason, and something which is often missed, mostly though incompetence but occassionally through wilful malice.

These topics and my own psuedonymised experiences are presented on this blog.



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