Internet Scale Waste

Whilst reading up on internet scale computing I came across a presentation on Slideshare which contains the page below.


23 millions domains for 24,000 customers = just under 1,000 domains per customer. Now that seems like a lot but I strongly suspect it's more like most customers have x1 domain with a few having many many thousands (something akin to a Zipfs distribution). Likely someone out there will have many hundreds of thousand of domains... I wonder who needs so many domains...

On an aside, eh-hem, I get a lot of comments from people pertaining to be from something like www.hu12gyd38hasjakdh8102e12e2djklasdagghkagqdncc.com, all of which turn out be spammers. Hummm..... I wonder how much spam/botware/malware waste resides in the cloud...?


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