Security Vulnerability Review

Secunia have released an interesting report on the number of vulnerabilities found across various products. There's much talk about MS and non-MS products which kind of makes sense from a Windows perspective but the report also contains a list of "20 core products" with most vulnerabilities identified in 2014.

Trouble is the report doesn't specify where and how this "core" list was compiled; contrary to the 50 portfolio products which is based on the Secunia client running on Windows devices.

If it's the same Secunia client - and I suspect it is since the number of vulnerabilities match for those products in both lists where I would expect some potential variance (Chrome on Windows v OSX for example) - then it's rather odd that OSs such as Oracle Solaris and Gentoo Linux crop up... Hypervisors perhaps...

Another shocking thing for me was the number of IBM products in that top 20; 8 out of 20! Really? 40% of the products with most vulnerabilities are from IBM? Of course few people use these things (IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transactions anyone?) but it's possible the stats are skewed due to too little data but it doesn't sing well for big-blue... other than perhaps noting that they seem to find-'em and fix-'em.

... and that Java was #17 on the list is more worrying. That beastie is everywhere and riddled with problems...

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