I'm experimenting; or trying to, with IBM Bluemix virtual machines. Clearly beta and half the time I get a UI in italian (!?) but the documentation is woeful.

Simple VM created... What's the connection string?

Launch Horizon (oddly a separate site, but ok,.. beta...) says it's:
ssh -i cloud.key <username>@<instance_ip>

Ok, I know the key, I know the IP, but what's the username?
(the username might be different depending on the image you launched):

Yeah, ok, but what is it? It's a standard IBM image (CentOS 7 in this case) so...

Nada (Spanish, so still not sure what's with the Italian)! No documentation, no advice, a broken link in the VM docs... Stack Overflow has no questions under bluemix usernames.. But thankfully DW answers does - though not specifically my question, rather others with sudo issues! Not a great way to find out... Perhaps they hand out that bit of info on the training course... Anyway, two days lost of whatever free period I get, I can login. Now I need to remember what I wanted to try out..

For the record it's:


  1. It says it on here? https://www.ng.bluemix.net/docs/#starters/index-gentopic4.html#genTopProcId5

    Although I did have the advantage of being able to include the correct username in my google search, so not a fair test ;)

  2. Perhaps being a bit harsh but that I even had to go looking was frustrating... It's not as if you can do anything without the username so making you go hunt isn't terribly friendly.


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