Women in IT

If you ever wondered why there aren't enough women working in IT, the problem appears to stem from earlier in life. The data below from ONS shows the greatest discrepancy between men and women is in Engineering & Technology and Computer Science (this from 2010 so could probably do with an update!). And whilst it isn't mandatory to have an academic background in IT I personally prefer it when I'm scanning CVs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.17.42

Let's remember that Ada Lovelace is generally regarded as the first computer programmer and was - shock! - a WOMAN!!! So, a few links to help get your daughters into IT:


  1. Great post Kevin, and very timely... just started looking at Career fairs with middle daughter and youngest is dabbling in Scratch...


  2. Thanks Steve. Scratch is a great language to get to grips with programming and really quite powerful - you can wonders in a few blocks of code. Hope the kids can stick with it. All the best. Kevin.


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